1. My boyfriend and I just bought a house so I’m in the midst of re-doing our budget. Much to the horror of many of you we have gone into debt to get into this house. It was calculated but in the mean time I need to tabulate everything first before I can set some solid debt re-payment goals.

2. Increase my freelance income: Currently I’m working part time for a realtor doing marketing. We have a set schedule of 8 hours per week which I am not maxing out. I’d like to increase that to 10  hours per week.

3. Save 100% of our car insurance: In the past we have been guilty of putting car insurance on a credit card. This year I would like to save up the entire amount before its due. I estimate insurance will be about $1600 for the year and it is due in August 2011. CHECK! Insurance was actually due a month earlier than we thought (whoops) BUT it was also close to $300 LESS than last year so although we were $61 short in the savings account we easily paid in cash pulling the extra $61 from another account.

4. Get a raise at work: In November I got a new boss at work. She is fantastic. However with her arrival came many changes and my job description is almost 100% different. I love my new job but I am doing a lot more with more responsibility so I believe I deserve a raise. The discussion has begun.


1. Lose 20 pounds: I have not been happy with my weight for about 2 years now. I know I wouldn’t be diagnosed as overweight but as a person who has been active for most of her life adding an extra 20 pounds does not sit well (no pun intended). Not only do I want to lose the weight but I want to consciously become better in my eating habits. I go through phases of healthy eating, good gym and workout routines but fall off the wagon. I’d like to make the life change.

2. Become a better tennis player: The new house is almost directly across the street from some great tennis courts so this summer I would like to play a lot more and really learn the game.

3. Spend more time with my dog: We have three wonderful pets at home. Two cats and a dog. I’m a self-admitted cat lover, I grew up with them so it’s not hard for me to have a cuddle with either of my boys any time. I love our doggy too, it’s impossible not too but I want to give her something better than love. Structure. She was able to go to work every day with my boyfriend but it turned into a bad environment for her to be in so she stays at home. I want to make more of an effort to be her care taker and trainer. My boyfriend did an amazing job teaching her manners but she is a high energy dog and she deserves stimulation and structure on a regular basis.