All About Me!

Welcome to Cupcakes & Cash! I’m the writer editor and cupcake eater of this blog so please leave some comments and let me know what you think!

My overall goal with this blog is to gain a bit of clarity in my personal finance journey, peppered with many smaller goals that this blog will help keep me accountable to.

I’m a twenty-something college graduate with a diploma in applied communications. For the past two years I’ve been working in marketing in the hospitality industry. On the side I contract my marketing skills out here and there and also cater cupcakes.

I love watching hockey, (GO CANUCKS!) playing volleyball, baking (and eating) cupakes in my spare time. With a few other likes added in there when the time is available.

This Blog is…

A running commentary about what’s going on my life. I hope it will be a wide gamut of interesting topics. The underlying theme will be personal finance with cupcakes thrown in.

Along with the interests above I will also talk about real estate, saving for the future, investments and all the things that I still need, and want, to learn about. I’m currently in a long term relationship that involves joint accounts, a mortgage, a shared vehicle and three pets. Everything is intertwined and I hope to incorporate my opinions on how our financial relationship works for us.

I would like to make it crystal clear I am very far from being a financial expert. My financial decisions and opinions should absolutely not be taken as advice or as something that works for everyone. This will be a learning process for me and there are many topics I hope to at least be able to converse on in the near future.