I can’t even remember when…

If you’ve been on Twitter lately you may have noticed I’ve been slightly obsessing over this weekend because I had saved up some cash to go clothes shopping. Something, as you’ve probably already gathered is something I haven’t done in forever a very long time! So I’m treating all of you and myself to a shopping recap. Just for background details. BF and I have what we call a bi-weekly “allowance” I had saved $90 of that and in July I was voted one of the employee’s of the month at work *blush* and with that among other things came $100 in cold hard cash as well as some miscellaneous change to give me just over $190 to spend! So here we go! (I will preface with the fact that I’m a terrible photographer!)

Dark denim jeans

One of the two pairs of jeans I bought, these were $19.75


This is the other pair, they're longer for heels and they were also $19.75 (Buy one get one free deal!)

Blue Cardigan

Cute blue cardigan with flower detail and clasp at the top. It was $22.13

Tan Cardigan

Long tan cardigan with fun clasp on the front, it was only $22.50!

Tan Cardigan Clasp

And just because it's my favourite part, a close up of the pin on this cardi.

Two coloured cami's

These are plain jane cami's but they will be great layered with other tops. They were $7.43 each, buy one get 50% off.

Lace and teal Cami

A sheer lace cami over a teal tank, the lace one was $10 and the teal one was $4.95. They were also buy one get one 50% off!

Green T-shirt

I really liked the fit of this green t-shirt, almost as much as the price, $5.85!

Silk graphic blouse that will look good under either cardigan for $19.13

Brown Belt

I had wanted a skinny belt but I couldn't find one I liked but this one caught my eye and it will work to belt over things around my skinniest part (As Stacey London would say) $14.99

Teal Necklace

Funky long teal necklace $4.99

Black scarf

Plain black scarf to go with anything! $5

Teal Scrunchy Scarf

I love the colours in this scarf, you've probably noticed the colours I'm drawn to, to apologies I know what colours work for me 🙂 $5

Shiny blue scarf

Of the three scarves that I bought this one is my favourite. I love the colour's and the shiny streak through it. Also $5.

Lip Stain

I Never wear lipstick because I hate how it always rubs off but I keep seeing ads for lip stains everywhere so I got one. I tried it out immediately, how could I resist, and what I like is that you put it on and it dries immediately and on the other side is a lip gloss to make it shiny. A bit pricey by my standards at $8.95

Necklace Hangers

I put up some hooks in our closet and went through my jewelery and this is what remains of my braclets and necklaces. I love it because I won't forget when I get ready in the morning!

So if you were counting along with the pictures that’s a total of 15 items! The best part was that everything except the belt and the lip stain were on sale! Woo hoo! My goal going into this shopping trip was to put together an entire outfit. Well I think I achieved this goal a few times over. True, I didn’t buy shoes but long story short I’ve got 30+ (and that’s being conservative) pairs at home to choose from so I didn’t think it was necessary. Some of the tops certainly are plain basic but to me that means they’re versatile and I’ll be able to wear them in many aspects of my life which to me is key! The other aspect of this shopping expedition was a full cleaning of my section *couch 3/4 cough* of our closet. I was inspired by a few ladies out there who are trying to build their wardrobes on less. I’m happy to say over the last two days I cleared out a large garbage bag full of clothes, jewelery and a curling iron I never use. I definitely have a lot of clothes left, some of them I kept because they’re fall/winter clothes so I want to give myself a chance to wear them. I also want to add to my jewelery wall and find a way to hang my earrings there too. Phew what a busy couple of days, good thing I took Friday off 😉

So tell me what you think, did I do well or should I have spent my money differently?