I’ve been obsessing over money quite often lately, checking my online accounts multiple times a day (that’s a shout out to Punch Debt In the Face), and just thinking all the time about how I can put more money into those accounts! I figured since I was thinking about it so much I should do a little round up of some of the goals I’ve put out there in the universe.

In no particular order:

1. Pay off credit card #1:
This debt was at $1555.37 and is now at $1220.66
I’m very proud of this drop I can see the triple digits!

2. Pay off CnC’s parents loan:
This debt was at $3875 and is now at $3675
They have insisted that if we can’t pay $200 a month it’s not a problem with them. It is a problem with me however and honestly $200/month isn’t an issue so that will continue.

3. Increase freelance income:
I haven’t increased this to 10 hours per week as I stated in my goals but I am much closer to doing the 8 hours/week that was agreed upon. This week has slowed down but I have a cheque for almost $300 coming my way very soon.

4. Save 100% of next year’s car insurance:
Our insurance expires in August 2011 and right now I have $1230.65 sitting in the insurance account. We estimated that our insurance would be about $1600 this year but we’ll start the process of estimates soon so that I know exactly how much we need. Feels good that we’re almost there!

5. Get a raise at work:
This has not happened yet but I wanted to put this in here anyway. I had my annual review back in February and I had a great discussion with my boss about pay and raises etc. She agreed that due to all the changes in my job description I was due for a raise. She went to bat for me and was told there was nothing in the budget for it this year. She had warned me of that ahead of time and I’m sincerely not surprised or disappointed becuase I know what our budget looks like and have been privy to all the talk around it this year. However all of the salary employees did get a cost of living increase so I guess technically I did get a raise. I will bring it up again in the fall when budget planning starts for next year.

6. Loose 20 pounds:
I doubt I’ve lost any weight since I wrote this goal, and I haven’t even stepped on a scale to check. I wanted to include this becuase I am making steps in the right direction. I’ve been saving up some birthday money and “allowance” for a while and couldn’t decide what to spend it on. I didn’t want to buy clothes because my plan is not to fit in them soon, I thought about getting a hair cut but then decided against that too. Then a light bulb went off! Hire a personal trainer! I’ve done this in the past becuase what I really need is a routine at the gym. Once I have that I am gung ho becuase I know exactly what I need to do. I have also found that when I have a plan laid out I figure out little ways to push myself, like saying last week you only did 15lb weights, you wussy you should be doing AT LEAST 20’s! and so on haha. My first session is today after work and I am excited about it!

I feel good after spilling some details. I know there has been blog silence for a while but I just wasn’t feeling it, hopefully this is my kick start.

How do you feel now that Spring is here? Does it motivate you to push forward with your goals even harder?