I’ve been feeling pretty down the last couple of weeks and I’ve been trying to get down to the bottom of it to figure out what is bothering me. I always knew that once we got into our house the budget would stay tight for a while as we paid off debt but it’s been frustrating the last little while feeling like nothing has been paid down. Coupled with the fact that I’ve been feeling bored and unmotivated at my job really took put me down in the dumps.

A couple of days ago, at my lowest point, I decided enough is ENOUGH! I don’t want to feel this way anymore so I WON’T! I started thinking about things and came up with a few thoughts and goals to get my mojo back, here they are!

Work Related:
• Make a list of all the things that need to be done, I’m much more motivated by lists, and tackle them one by one being sure to cross each one off the list. (So far 3 items crossed off 🙂 yay!)
• Do a little research, is this the right industry for me? Is this the right kind of job for me? See what else is out there in my city to get an idea of other things I might enjoy more and be qualified for.

PF/Me Related:
• Work on side income more!!! I have part-time work that is ongoing and can be done at my discretion. It does top out at a certain amount of hours per week but I am nowhere near that limit right now.
• Make a list of all the part-time work I could be doing, for the same reasons as above.
• Workout at least half an hour per day. It should be more but I’ve fallen completely off the wagon so I need to build up to it. I always feel fantastic after I workout so the benefits are obvious.

I am feeling better since making my little list. A few good things have been happening this week as a result. BF called our cell provider to say, “dudes why haven’t you given us our money back for screwing up yet?”, he talked to a super nice girl who made all the changes and refunds required. I’m making my first LOC payment tomorrow which means I’ll be able to make my first mini consolodation payment on the CC after that which will get it down to $1200 or so which makes me really happy. I know I could wait until I can make a bigger payment but it’s more satisfying to see it go down on a regular basis even if it is by smaller amounts, plus I want that CC gone ASAP.

All in all I think I’ve figured myself out a bit, now hopefully I’ll enjoy the weekend (it’s supposed to be sunny!) and now I’ll figure out where the money will come from to head to the Lower Mainland to visit BF’s family and hopefully Krystal next weekend. I’m thinking the travel costs will come in right around $210 for ferry and gas round trip. *RANT ALERT* It is ridiculous how much it costs to take the damn ferry with a vehicle, we might as well friggin fly! *END RANT* Thankfully we’ll be staying with BF’s family so that takes care of accommodation and most meals.