This post is dedicated to Krystal At Work and LC because they’ve been telling me to get off my lazy butt and write a post. So thank you ladies here it is!

BF and I have been in our house for about a month now and there has been a lot of unpacking, organizing, throwing things away and happily a party! We’ve had lots of visitors, mostly friends who live in the area but also both sets of our parents have visited for a weekend each. We are extremely lucky to have wonderful families who have supported us through many many things throughout our 3.5 year relationship and both families wanted to make us feel more at home by giving us housewarming gifts. My parents knew that we needed a vacuum, and I even jokingly asked for one for my birthday which was just after we moved in and so when they came to visit they took us to a store and told us they were going to by us a Dyson. We don’t have it yet but we’re thrilled and very very grateful. From what I’ve read and heard from others this is the mother of all vacuums and certainly was not what we expected, so all we can say is a big thank you!

BF’s parents on the other hand bought us a few smaller items that we needed, a garden hose with some attachments and some new towels but they also told us to tell them what else we wanted and they would get it for us. Essentially giving us money. The weekend they were here we were supposed to go out for a meal with them but unfortunately it didn’t happen so they gave us $80 cash so that we could go out for a birthday meal (BF and I have birthdays about two weeks apart). This brings me to the point of my post; how do you go about using gift money?

Today BF and I wanted to go out and look for some things that we needed, we pretty much narrowed it down to another storage unit of some kind, a lawnmower and tools. We ended up finding the first two items (it’s scary how excited I was to use our new push mower today in the yard!) on our list at Home Depot. BF called up his mom to let her know what the total was and get the green light. I the meantime we found a better storage unit that but it was also $70 more. We had $100 worth of gift cards left over from Christmas for Home Depot and we had been talking about what we would use it for and a lot of little items came up but we hadn’t gone to get them yet. Somehow I was much happier using the gift card to pay the difference on this large item than lots of smaller (but still important) items. It’s funny because when it came to using the cash they gave us for dinner we spread it out over several meals as a way to enjoy it longer. So far we’ve had three meals out and we have enough for one more. Yes we could have gone out for one really nice meal but instead we chose several smaller, but still delicious, meals over a few days. My thought is that we almost never go out to eat so we wanted to feel like we were able to indulge.

What would you do in these situations? One big thing or many small items? One extravagant meal or several cozy meals?