I’m only on post number 6 and I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have been reading and commenting on this blog so far. I heard from others that I should expect nasty comments and to just brush them off but (and maybe I’m jinxing myself here) I haven’t had a single one yet, so thanks for all the love!

BF and I bought a new stove this weekend. The one that came to the house was VERY old and VERY dirty and after I used it a few times I realized that the element in the oven wasn’t heating properly. The back cranked way up hotter than what it was set at the and the front of the element wouldn’t heat up to temperature. I’m sure we could have just replaced the element but we had plans to get all new appliances in probably about a year when we do our kitchen reno’s. I’m proud to say that this purchase was made with funds available. It’s a big deal for us because in the past we were the poster kids for the “must have NOW” mentality. It makes me happy that we’re both on the same page with this new saving before spending plan. I’m picking it up today and I cannot wait to use it! Soon I’ll be able to talk (and more importantly post pictures) of my cupcakes. Happiness!

We also took a little walk around our neighborhood the other night with our dog who will from here onwards be referred to (lovingly) as Trouble :). Ironically she did fantastic on this walk as she’s normally a big puller! Anyway we got to walk through the Fernwood Village, a number of fields and through some lovely streets filled with old beautifully well kept (and some equally un-kept) properties. We found out we’re only a five minute walk away from some close friends of ours which is very exciting. I’m so happy with where we live I just can’t wait for some better weather!

That’s all the news in my world, what’s up with you?