I’m having a problem and you’re all to blame! I’m reading so many great posts each day I’m having a hard time choosing what I want to write about myself because a new idea comes to me every single day 🙂 So this is my transition post. From condo to house!

Tomorrow is moving day so tonight will be a big mess of getting everything into the truck and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Packing was a great lesson in realizing what we had and what we actually needed. I am happy to say that we gave away a big dresser that sat empty the entire time we lived there, two garbage bags worth of clothes and a multitude of DVD’s. Along with that there was a lot we threw away in the way of papers and other garbage.

I’m proud to say that BF and I have come a long way since we’ve moved into the condo. We understand our need to budget and I think we value things more than we used to. I see it in the number of things we have. I am almost positive that even before the purge we had less things than when we moved into the condo (from a 700 square foot apartment into a 1200 square foot condo no less!) This tells me we value our purchases more and really decide what’s important to us and what just isn’t necessary. We’re certainly not minimalists (you should see all the boxes!) and we are absolutely not patient people (still have the “why wait” mentality) but I think we recognize it in ourselves and manage it much better.

I’m excited to step down this new road of becoming a landlord and owning a detatched property and I can’t wait for all the new things that we’ll learn along the way. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow afternoon. I think I might be a bit sad and happy at the same time. We put a lot of ourselves into the condo so I’m a bit sad to leave it.

Have you ever felt nostalgic about a previous home even though you knew what you were moving to was better in the long run?